Eco features


What Eco features does your Grampians Cabin have?

  • Made from locally sourced Grampians sustainable materials.  
  • Hand made mud bricks some recycled and new sustainable timbers.
  • Passive solar design - sun comes right into the building in winter.  Summer sun is excluded.
  • Thick mudbrick walls keep lodge warm in winter, cool in summer.
  • Organic materials used in construction. 
  • Terracotta floors store heat in winter, radiate coolness in summer as sun is excluded.
  • Eaves and roof angle efficient for solar comfort in the Grampians.
  • Recycling of guest rubbish encouraged, eg hens eat left over food, compost vegetable scraps, recycle glass, paper, plastic.
  • North facing.
  • Septic system reuses water for trees.
  • Bird and fauna encouraged by garden planting of Grampian and Australian plants.
  • Low energy lights.
  • Clothes dryer racks on back verandah, uses no energy and is quick drying.
  • Efficient wood heating in log fire stove circulated by fans.
  • Instant water heating by LPG gas.