Fishing and Yabbying

Where to fish?

The McKenzie River at Dad and Dave Weir has a good fishing pool.  Platypus have also be found there.  Locals often park at Zumsteins and walk upstream fishing to Fish Falls. Fishing from the bank at Zumsteins can be worthwhile.  In times pass there used to be fishing platforms out over the river, now some bridges will do as well.  Opposite the Wander Inn fishermenwalk along the river through a closed gate and along to a large pool. Leave your car parked at Wander Inn.    Fishing in the Grampians is slso off the wall or on small boats in Lake Wartook. This lake has a Horsham Angling Club hut.  Toolondo Lake is famous for large trout. Lake Bellfield,    Lake Fyans and Lake Lonsdale  all near Halls Gap.  I have been told that the outlet of Lake Wartook and start of McKenzie River is a good place to fish.  Wimmera River at Horsham has a fishing competition in February with car as prize. Fisherpeople are catching lots of large carp there to reduce their numbers and help the native fish, silver perch, yellow Belly and other fish thrive. Mt William Creek and waterway channel between Dad and Dave Weir and Mt Zero Reservoir provide good sport fishing.   No fishing in our lake, it is a swimming  and boating spot only.

Fish include

  • Trout
  • Red Fin,
  • Black fish

How do you fish in Victorian waters?

No licence needed if

  • Under  18 years,
  • Over 70 years
  • Pension card holder or Veterans affairs.

How do you buy a fishing licence?

  • Buy online at
  • August 2011, Two day licence is $6, $12 for 28 days, $24.50 for 12 months, $66 for three years.  


String and bait is satisfying and fun for children.  A small net is handy to pull them in.  Opera nets which drown small turtles are not permitted on our place or in the river.  Turtles drown fairly quickly and are protected.  

  • Simple and exciting with string and bait. 
  • Open yabby nets also fun. Avoid opera nets where the enclosed net will quickly drown rare long necked turtles.
  • Use smelly bait.