Bush Walking

The Grampians is a bush walking paradise.  

New Walking Tracks.

Grampians Peaks Trail running the entire length from Mt Zero to Mt Abrupt has two sections completed already.  Bugiga Campsite is worth a visit near Mt Rosea. 

SummerDay Valley has a new trail which includes a Staircase, jokingly called the Staircase to Heaven,  See abseiling, bouldering and rock climbing in this area. 

McKenzie Falls Gorge walk down to Fish Falls and on to Zumsteins 4.5 km one way.  Gorge walk has won an Australian wide landscape award. 

Mt Rosea has a new track which offers even better views.  

Trails offer access to a wide variety of mountain and valley cliffs, pools and caves.

Walking/running/cycling on Wartook Rise is interesting, 

  • The small forest behind the cabins has coral lichen, 38 different orchids and fungi in season. Koalas enjoy the long leafed box in this forest. Termite nests shelter goanna eggs. The goanna scoops out the nest, lays its eggs inside the nest.  When they hatch in this temperature controlled environment the babies have abundant food and can dig out at their leisure.
  • In front of the cabins, the large redgums and yellow boxes in the paddocks are hundreds of years old and home to a myriad of animals and birds.  When you hear kookaburras, cockatoos and magpies in the morning.  Walk out and listen, watch for the kangaroos and emus nearby in family groups.
  • Walk to the nearest dam, our yabby dam and see the wood duck families and turtles. The shut gate and ringlock fence keeps small children out.
  • Walk over the rise behind the cabins and look out across the plains to the landmarks of Asses Ears Mountain, Black Range, Mt Talbot and Mt Arapiles.
  • Go down to our lake nestled under Asses Ears Mountain, and see the wildlife and birds it attracts.  At dusk the swallows are succeeded by beautiful gentle little bats who shelter during the day. Sunset across the plains is often magnificent as you look out on an ancient inland sea. You can walk back by Brians Road an informal track that takes you back to the forest, turn left and come back to our quarry and on home.
  • Beyond the lake you can walk up left to our thryptomene plantation through the fence is a firetrail to complete a 4km loop.  There is a 7km loop around the whole boundary.
  • Walk down to Dad and Dave Weir with its Platypus pool and the start of trails along a water channel, and the back road to Zumsteins.  Maps available. 

We provide free maps and advice to these beautiful areas. Essential to take maps, water and raincoat except for McKenzie Falls and Balconies.

Hikes suitable for pushers, prams and wheel chairs are:

  • McKenzie Falls upper level hike 1.25 km, circular, an excellent view of the falls. 
  • Reeds Lookout, Balconies (formerly called Jaws of Death). Spectacular views. Impromtu sculpture along the way.
  • Hollow Mountain walk to aboriginal painting and mining in the Cave of Hands.  A bit rougher but good gravel track until the last 30 metres from the series of 3 caves. A sharp glassy stone was mined in chips which were traded right down to the Great Ocean Road.  This sharp stone was used to scrape possum skins and make the possum fur cloaks to keep local people warm in the cold winters.  

Famous hikes include:

  • McKenzie Falls, go right down the steep trail and cross the river on large rocks. Now you can continue down to Fish Falls and on to Zumsteins. You traverse through the McKenzie Gorge with towering walls on an exciting metal grid track right out over the river.  
  • Fish Falls 1.5 km downstream of  McKenzie Falls, is spectacular. You can do a 3km hike upstream from Zumsteins to Fish Falls, and 1.5km further on to the base of McKenzie Falls.  8km return or do a car shuffle with 2 cars.
  • The Pinnacle and Nerve Test overlooking Halls Gap. If you have two cars leave one at Wonderland, and start walking at Sundial Car Park.  You have most of the height gain, and go past the Nerve Test.  At the Pinnacle, walk downhill to your second car seeing Silent Street. Drive back to your other car at Sundial Car Park.
  • Wonderland Loop, can continue up to the Pinnacle via Silent Street.
  • Elephant's Hide, not an official hike, can be dangerous if go off route.
  • Mt Rosea 9 km return, new track now in place. Beautiful view with one side towards Halls Gap and the other the Victoria Valley.  
  • Balconies and Jaws of Death short 1 km, easy hike with excellent views suits prams, wheel chairs.
  • Mt Difficult , challenging, most climb from Troopers Creek, but you can come in from Lake Wartook.
  • Briggs Bluff, very steep hike  Experienced hikers go on to Mt Difficult but many walkers sleep overnight up high on this long hike.
  • Chinaman's Track - walking down from Lake Wartook is the easiest way to go.  You finish at Roses Gap Road and need car there.  Carters Track is exceptionally steep it comes off Chinamans Track.
  • Ghost Cave and Walkers Valley. Starts near Staplyton Campground.
  • Hollow Mountain, magnificent hike, if you do not mind scrambling.  Get details. 
  • Mt Zero- ideal for family. Child size mountain with lovely views, out across former inland sea.  Vegetation prized.
  • Flat Rock and Mt Staplyton, park at Flat Rock Car Park.  You can stop at top of Flat Rock and get spectacular views of Amphitheatre, Taipan Wall and Mt Staplyton or go on and do the whole hike. On the way up the steep rocky slopes you reach Eagle Rock, which is a wonderfully dramatic place for a photo.  Steep up Staplyton.  Wonderful in spring when purple mint bush in flower along the crevices.
  • Cave of Hands from Hollow Mountain Car Park. Short 700 metres hike. Painting and evidence of mining by Koories. Three caves.
  • Initiation Cave - Near Buandik.
  • Buandik area has 40 aboriginal sites and caves.  Go in Billywing Rad from Henty Highway.
  • Golton Gorge and Coppermine Track.  You can go up one side of the Gorge and down the other.  See mining remains.
  • Mt Abrupt and Mt Sturgeon near Dunkeld.  Go up the back of Mountains.
  • Black Range, the only picnic spot has a hike up past the Aboriginal paintings, down into the valley behind and up the rocky slopes.  You can go right to some dramatic large caves or left along the ridge. The Black Range is an unspoilt area,  At the Southern end is a bushranger cave with sunny caves for winter and cool cave for summer.  With two cars you can walk from North to South.  
  • Asses Ears from front or back. The back hike is shorter and gives spectacular.views back to our lake. Get directions.